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Passenger Car Tyres

Yokohama's passenger car range of tyres has a tyre to suit just about everyone from family value to an extra margin of safety or ultra-high performance. Yokohama tyres are for people who want the best.

4x4 & SUV

Treat yourself to the wide range of Yokohama tyres renowned for their premium quality, performance, durability and technical innovation. Choose tyres to match your lifestyle; whether it's inner city driving or an outback adventure.

Light Truck & Van Tyres

Yokohama's light truck tyres enjoy the same high quality and performance as the entire Yokohama range. Yokohama light truck tyres are for people who want their tyres to perform and handle well in wet and dry conditions as well as lasting the distance.

Turck & Bus Tyres

Yokohama tyres give their best performance on trucks and buses, especially over the long haul. They're tough, wear well and give kilometres more to the tank.

Earthmover & Industrial

Yokohama has a range of tyres to suit earthmover and industrial vehicles. Yokohama's off-the-road tyres are high quality products manufactures in integrated production facilities with rigid quality control.









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