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Since it was founded in 1962, Kenda has operated under the core values of Honesty, Innovation, Quality and Customer Service.

Over the past forty-five years, Kenda has continued to develop and expand its product offerings to meet changing market demands.

Today, Kenda is one of the world’s leading tire and tube producers for bicycle, motorcycle, golf car, lawn care equipment, trailer, all terrain, skid loader, and agricultural vehicles. Most recently, Kenda has begun designing and producing automotive tires for worldwide distribution.

With factories in Asia (Taiwan, China and Vietnam) Kenda is able to provide quality products to suit a wide variety of applications. Continuing the vision of our founder, Chin-Pao Yang, we strive to develop innovative products while providing high standards of quality and excellence in customer service.

Our radial tires are desgned using the latest technology and safety standands to offer maximum performance, reliability, and tire life.
From the casual street rider to the off road competitor, kenda has produsts for every cyclist. Besides being available in a wide variety, Kenda products are known for their great performance and reliability at a reasonable price.
At Kenda, we offer a wide variety of tires and tubes for applications such as trailer, skid loader, forklift, ATV, hand cart, golf cart, go kart, snow blower, lawn tractor, wheelbarrow, utility trailer, plus many other agricultural and industrial uses.
We have been committed to making quality bicycle tires and tubes for riders of all ages all overthe world. We offer a wide variety of tire patterns and sizes for Mountain, BMX, Juvenile, Road and Comfort bicycles. Today, our researchers are constantly working with newmaterials and technologies in efforts to incresae performance and reliability of all our products.

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