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Cooper Chengshan(Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Cooper Tire and Rubber Company ranked The 8th in the world tire industry and Shandong Chengshan Group ranked the 3td in China. Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is one of the leaders in replacement tire market, which devotes itself to developing, manufacturing and selling various medium-high-grade tires, and special tires. Cooper Tire Company, headquartered in Ohio, USA, is the only official supplier of the World A1 Grand Prix. One of china biggest tire enterprise, Chengshan tire has won various awards including "China Famous Brand","China Well-known Trademark","China top 500 most Valuable Brands"and also has been awarded“The No.1 Customer Satisfied Brand in Chinese tire market".Cooper Chengshan will remain in the forefront of R&D and sales. Cooper Chengshan JV Company is the important constituent of Cooper's strategy in Asia.


The tires are applicable for driving wheels of intermediate or long-distance cargo vehicles under sound road conditions and not applicable for being used under poor and worse road conditions. The blended pattern structure with dominant longitudinal pattern groove and opened shoulder design reduce heat generation at the shoulder.



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